The conditions for diploma equivalency in Turkiye in 2024

The conditions for diploma equivalency in Turkiye in 2024

In 2024, Turkiye has faced new changes in diploma equivalency conditions, which can be challenging for individuals who have obtained their educational credentials abroad. Diploma equivalency, or “denklik” in Turkish, is a process that not only helps recognize the validity and authenticity of credentials but also plays a crucial role in facilitating the continuation of education or starting professional activities. This article examines the process of diploma equivalency and the necessary steps for credential recognition in Turkiye, enabling individuals intending to study or pursue job opportunities in the country to benefit from this process.

Diploma Equivalency Conditions in Turkiye:

All educational credentials issued outside of Turkiye are not automatically acceptable and recognized by Turkish administrative and educational authorities for any academic or professional purposes. To have your educational credentials recognized in Turkiye, it is necessary to present your credentials for equivalence through the appropriate equivalency process.

What is Diploma Equivalency (Denklik)?

Diploma equivalency or “denklik” for educational credentials in Turkiye is conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) of the country. In the Turkish education system, pre-university education consists of 12 grade levels. Individuals need to present their diploma credentials for equivalence in Turkiye. An important note in diploma equivalency is the presentation of original educational credentials and transcripts. Additionally, the temporary diploma must be valid for at least six months to be eligible for equivalency.

Who Conducts Diploma Equivalency (Denklik) of Educational Credentials?

The equivalency of educational credentials, from elementary levels to diploma, is carried out by the Ministry of Education of Turkiye. The time required for document verification is approximately one working week.

Who Conducts Equivalency (Denklik) of University Credentials?

Equivalency of university credentials is conducted by an organization called “YÖK” or “Council of Higher Education” of Turkiye. The time required for credential validation varies depending on the field; for example, it may take up to a year for medical fields, while for non-medical fields, it may take a maximum of 6 months.

To carry out diploma equivalency, you need the following:

_Online application registration through Randevu system

_Having the latest educational credentials and transcripts for diploma, pre-university, associate, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees (original and copy identical to the original)

_Accredited translation of educational credentials into Turkish

_Having a valid passport with sufficient validity

_Completing the equivalence application form in Turkiye

_Having legal residence in Turkiye

_Payment of diploma equivalency fees in Turkiye

For more information on diploma equivalency in Turkiye, contact the Educational Department of the “With Us” group. Our experienced team and specialized experts are ready to answer your questions and provide necessary guidance in this area.

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