Student Health Insurance and Tourist Insurance in Turkiye

Student Health Insurance and Tourist Insurance in Turkiye

Turkiye, with its rich history, cultural heritage, and picturesque landscapes, has become an increasingly popular destination for both international students and tourists. To ensure the well-being and safety of individuals during their stay, Turkiye offers comprehensive student health insurance and tourist insurance options. This article explores the key features, benefits, and application procedures for both types of insurance in Turkiye.

Student Health Insurance:

1.Coverage and Benefits:

Student health insurance in Turkiye is designed to provide medical coverage and assistance to international students studying in the country. It covers a wide range of medical expenses, including hospitalization, doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and emergency treatments.


International students enrolled in Turkish universities are typically required to obtain health insurance. The insurance is often arranged through the university, ensuring that students have access to medical care throughout their academic journey.

3.Application Process:

The university usually assists students in obtaining health insurance by guiding them through the application process. Students may need to provide necessary documents, such as passport information and enrollment details, to facilitate the insurance application.


The cost of student health insurance varies depending on the coverage and the duration of the policy. It is typically included in the overall tuition fees or charged separately.

Tourist Insurance:

1.Coverage and Benefits:

Tourist insurance in Turkiye offers visitors financial protection against unexpected events during their stay. Coverage includes medical expenses resulting from accidents or illnesses, as well as travel-related contingencies like trip cancellations and lost baggage.


Tourist insurance is available for all visitors to Turkiye, including tourists, business travelers, and family visitors. It is highly recommended to have tourist insurance in place before arriving in the country.

3.Application Process:

Tourists can easily obtain insurance online before their trip or upon arrival at Turkish airports. Online platforms and insurance providers offer user-friendly interfaces for selecting coverage options and completing the application process.


The cost of tourist insurance depends on factors such as the duration of stay and the level of coverage chosen. It is a relatively affordable investment considering the potential expenses that can arise during travel.

Student health insurance and tourist insurance in Turkiye play vital roles in safeguarding the well-being of international students and visitors. These insurance options provide peace of mind by covering medical expenses and unexpected travel-related incidents. Whether pursuing academic endeavors or exploring the beauty of Turkiye, having appropriate insurance coverage ensures a secure and enjoyable experience.

For further information about student health insurance and tourist insurance, please contact the Business Unit of the “With Us” group. We can provide you with precise insights into coverage options, benefits, and application methods for both types of insurance in Turkiye. To gain a comprehensive understanding of how these insurance plans can best address your needs during your stay in Turkiye, please feel free to reach out to us.

Military Service in Turkiye for Immigrants and Students

Military service is a mandatory requirement for all Turkish citizens, typically occurring when individuals reach the age of 20. However, there are certain provisions and exemptions for immigrants and students in Turkiye. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how military service works for immigrants and students in Turkiye.

Military Service for Immigrants:

1.Dual Citizenship: Turkish citizens holding dual citizenship are subject to military service obligations, even if they reside abroad. They can either complete their service in Turkiye or apply for a deferment until the age of 38.

2.Deferment: Immigrants living abroad can request deferment of their military service until a later age, often between 28 and 38, depending on certain criteria. This allows them to settle down, establish their lives, and contribute to the Turkish economy before serving.

3.Payment of Compensation: Some immigrants may choose to pay a certain amount as compensation to fulfill their military service obligation without actually serving. This option is available for those who meet specific requirements and is often seen as a way to maintain ties to their home country.

Military Service for Students:

1.Education Deferment: Turkish male students pursuing higher education can apply for a deferment until they complete their studies or reach a specific age

 (usually 28). This allows them to focus on their education without interrupting their studies for military service.

2.Shortened Service Period: Students who wish to serve in the military can opt for a shorter service period during their summer breaks. This arrangement enables them to fulfill their duty without a significant disruption to their academic schedules.

3.Postponement for Doctoral Students: Doctoral students can postpone their military service until they complete their PhD studies. This acknowledges the extended duration of doctoral programs and their importance for the country’s academic growth.

Turkiye’s military service system accommodates immigrants and students with various provisions and exemptions to ensure that their obligations align with their life circumstances. Dual citizens can choose between fulfilling their service requirement, applying for deferment, or paying compensation. Students, on the other hand, can benefit from education deferments, shorter service periods, and postponement options for doctoral studies. These measures allow immigrants and students to contribute to Turkiye’s development while balancing their personal and academic aspirations.

For further information regarding military service in Turkiye and to inquire about the services provided by the Department of Commerce within the “With Us” Group, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to assist you in understanding the intricacies of military service obligations, exemptions, and provisions for immigrants and students in Turkiye. Our team is here to address your inquiries and provide you with comprehensive insights into this matter. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a more detailed discussion on this important topic.

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