Registration in Turkish schools

Registration in Turkish schools

Turkiye, with its rich history and culture, is a popular destination for migration. It boasts a dynamic education system and outstanding facilities. Enrolling in Turkish schools provides an opportunity for quality education and a rich cultural experience.

Education for the children of migrants holds significant importance in Turkiye. The country has public, private, and international schools at all education levels. Private schools in Turkiye, mainly known for their enhanced facilities and diverse educational programs, have become an appealing option for families. For more precise information and selecting the best option for your children, consulting migration education counselors is recommended.

Teaching in Turkish public schools primarily occurs in the Turkish language, whereas in private schools, instruction is usually provided in both Turkish and English. This unique feature of private Turkish schools offers a chance for multilingual learning and a broader educational experience.

In international schools, instruction is primarily in the official language of the respective country. For example, in German, Canadian, French, and Italian schools, education is conducted in the official language of that country. Therefore, familiarity with the local language is essential, and immigrants seeking enrollment in these schools need language proficiency. For choosing the most suitable school and obtaining more accurate information and advice, contact educational institutions through our services.

Documents required for registration in Turkish schools:

To enroll your children in Turkish schools, families must provide the following documents to the school:

1.Transcript and grade details from the past two years (necessary for equivalence in Turkish education)

2.Valid passport

3.Turkish residence permit

Registering children in Turkish schools alone does not grant a residence permit. Having a Turkish residence permit through the parents is essential for enrolling children. Tourist residence is not suitable, as it may be rejected or not extended. Therefore, to prevent delays in the education of children, the best way is to obtain a residence permit through property purchase or obtaining a student residence by one of the parents (father or mother). For comprehensive information on migrating to Turkiye and continuing your children’s education in the country, please contact the Educational Department of the “With Us” organization. We ensure providing complete and up-to-date guidance to enhance your and your children’s educational experience

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