Obtaining Koton Clothing Brand Franchise in Turkiye

Obtaining Koton Clothing Brand Franchise in Turkiye

Koton, a clothing brand catering to men, women, and children, stands as one of the popular and stylish options in Turkiye. To secure a franchise for this brand, certain steps and conditions need to be met:

1.Evaluating Requirements: Acquiring a Koton franchise necessitates a minimum space of 1000 square meters. Apart from the shop rental costs, approximately 2 million is required for infrastructure, including shelving, flooring, ceiling, racks, and other necessary embellishments.

2.Acceptance of Clothing: Upon agreeing to location and infrastructure terms, Koton provides you with their clothing products. Additionally, they reclaim unsold merchandise at the end of each season.

3.Profit Sharing: Franchisees receive 35% of their sales as profit.

4.Contractual Agreement: Signing an official contract with Koton encompasses more detailed terms and obligations for both parties.

Acquiring a franchise from a reputable brand demands not only suitable space but also securing capital and executing precise infrastructure plans. While this opportunity holds the promise of a lucrative business venture, it requires strong financial readiness and managerial capabilities. To gather more information about obtaining the franchise for the Koton brand or initiating any other business venture in Turkiye, contact the Commerce Department of the “With Us” Group. We’re here to provide comprehensive guidance regarding the necessary steps and conditions for obtaining a franchise or starting your business in Turkiye. Our team is ready to assist you and accompany you on this journey.


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