Childcare and residence in Turkiye

Childcare and residence in Turkiye

_ In Turkiye, there are specific regulations regarding obtaining residency for children under 18 years old. Generally, children must be accompanied by their parents, and parental consent is required if necessary.

_ Individuals under 18 years old without the presence or consent of their parents cannot obtain residency in Turkiye.

_ In Turkiye, a person under 18 years old can obtain residency by obtaining family residency through their parents. For this purpose, parents must first obtain permission through one of the methods of obtaining residency in Turkiye. Then, they must go through the legal procedures to obtain family residency and submit their formal request. This method allows parents to obtain residency in Turkiye along with their children.

_ If parents are divorced, or if one of them is deceased, or for any reason they do not immigrate to Turkiye, they can obtain residency for their children by providing a custody document or a notarized written consent in Turkiye. This means that a person who does not accompany the child can request residency for their child by providing a custody document or a consent letter.

_ Overall, the best method for obtaining residency for children under 18 years old in Turkiye is for parents to first obtain their own residency and then proceed to obtain residency for their children through family residency. This method allows parents to have legal assurance of their presence along with their children in Turkiye and to benefit from relevant facilities and services.

_ In this case, the child also receives residency permission in Turkiye for a similar period as their parents. If a child under 18 years old intends to only obtain residency with one of their parents, for example, if their father currently does not intend to obtain residency, the mother must obtain a custody letter for the child (or children) from their country and have it translated along with the validation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, judiciary, and consulate. Additionally, the father can provide official consent for the child to reside with the mother in Turkiye through a notary (this method is preferable).

For detailed and comprehensive information on obtaining residency in Turkiye, it is better to contact the Commerce Department of the “With Us” group. Our experienced specialists in this field will provide you with accurate guidance to easily and quickly go through the necessary steps to obtain residency.

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